Databasing Diversity -an article

Peter Rauch mip-arch at GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU
Fri Mar 18 13:40:55 CST 1994

FYI, See:
Databasing diversity - a distributed public-domain approach
David G. Green
TAXON 43(1):51-62, Feb 1994.
( at


"Distributed, public domain databases (DPDD) offer solutions to many of
the problems that hinder compilation of information on biodiversity.
Existing DPDD projects on Internet, especially in molecular biology,
provide relevant paradigms. The software tools necessary for world-wide
retrieval of associated text and images are all freely available on
Internet. Essential features of DPDDs include universal access,
decentralized maintenance of component data sets, and the use of
standard, tagged formats for entries.  Desirable validation protocols
include cross-checks for consistency, use of quality control tags and
tracing data lineages back to specimens.  These issues highlight a need
for new conventions on nomenclature and for registering field keys and
other secondary taxonomic indexes."

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