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Subject: Naturalist section press/release

Neither a permanent nor a complete forum - it is simply a section of the
Pacific CompuServe Forum running for a trial period.  The forum will only be
made permanent if there is a positive reaction from users and a substantial
number of users shows interest. Without your help and support the concept will
perish, and a potentially invaluable resource will be lost, possibly for ever.
The forum has been started entirely through my volunteer work without any
outside financial help or payments. Please do what you can for the benefit of
all of us.

                        Yours faithfully,

                                        Vratislav Richard

P.S. We are compiling database of Naturalist's Adresses.  Please would you be
so kind enough and send the following information about your organisation:
When your society/organisation was found, Address, phone, fax, e-mail,
secretary, yearly fee and details how to obtain membership,  journals and news
published (with price, when was published 1st. number) nd y other usefull

January 1994

CompuServe opens Naturalists' section

A unique and new "Naturalists' Section" in the Pacific CompuServe forum has
just opened on the world-wide CompuServe network, dealing initially with
general naturalist interests. CompuServe is an international computer "bulletin
board" type network with E-Mail (electronic mail) links to the world-wide
academic Internet and to many of the world's best information sources. It is
accessible from any computer via a modem conected to the telephone line. The
information available for "downloading" onto your own computer will include:
databases - eventually with high quality "multimedia" colour images, animation
and sounds, general gossip, on line, live conferences and chats 24 hours a day,
conservation and legislation issues, specimen exchange or sale information
(where legal)

CompuServe normally would devote a complete Forum divided into specialist
sections to a subject as broad as Naturalism, but at the moment everything has
to reside in a single section due to the small number of subscribers supporting
it at this embryonic stage. The original proposal is listed below and
illustrates the potential of a complete Naturalist's Forum in the future. This
means that in this critical stage you can expect to put a little more into it
than you will get out of it, but this situation will rapidly reverse and it is
crucial that you do not leave all this to others. Therefore, this will only be
achieved with your active support to achieve a critical mass after which it
will then become rapidly self sustaining.
Proposed Sections.
1 General
A forum for the electronic exchange of the latest news for natural history
workers e.g. the discovery of important new species or species thought extinct,
conservation issues, forthcoming publications, new legislation, and personal
items such as appointments, deaths etc.
2, 3 & 4. Animals, Insects, Plants
A library of photographic images of plants, animals and insects from around the
world, in a compressed standard graphics format, along with accompanying
information for each image, articles, small database files etc.
5 The Databases:
.         Address database
        A database listing contact address, telephone number, fax numbers and special
interests of each collector and each institution registered with the PIFON's
directory. This will gradually build up into a comprehensive database of
everyone interested in naturalism around the world.
.         Catalogue,  Checklist and Reference databases
        Databases recording all reference works (articles, books, films, videos etc.),
and checklists of all the world's wildlife and plant flora. The location of
"type" specimens will be entered here.
.         Collections database
        Database of specimens held in governmental or private collections around the
world, listing items such as species name, locality, date, name of collector,
etc. This data is important to researchers and to environmental issues.
 6. Permaculture,  Natural Pest Control
Articles in the field of permaculture (gardening without chemicals) and natural
control of pests using "beneficial" insects.
 7. Techniques (breeding, collecting)
Tips for breeding, collection of specimens, photography, preparation of
microscopic slides, etc.
 8. Books, Journals & Articles
Book and Article reviews, plus abstracts of interesting and important articles.
 9. Conferences, Clubs & Societies
Upcoming conferences, meetings, expeditions.
10. Professional Corner
A discussion lounge aimed at professional natural scientists all over the world
for instant communication and debating of ideas in specialised fields e.g.
morphology, anatomy, genetic studies.
11. Sell/buy/swap
A central forum for the exchange, purchase or sale of specimens wanted or
offered by both institutions and private persons around the world. At present
this is done usually on an ad-hoc basis, with little organisation or detail as
to exactly what people have to offer or exchange, and researchers have to write
time-consuming letters and draw up extensive lists of species on paper.
Using the Naturalists' Forum, it will able to be done easily and quickly. Users
will simply register their name against a list of species that will be provided
as part of the service, with appropriate codes as to whether they wish to buy.
exchange or donate specimens.
12. Conservation and philosophy
A central forum to discuss aspects of wildlife conservation, insects, plants
and their habitats, along with the philosophical questions that arise.
13. CIS/Computers, software, programs
Information on special computer programs developed for taxonomists,
geneticists, statisticians and other natural science professionals.
14. Travelling (collecting, laws)
Information on laws, restrictions, travel and accommodation advice and
logistics, contacts, and the best places to collect specimens.
15. "TRAFFIC" Magazine
Devoted to the information expressed in articles in the magazine "Traffic"
which deals with trade in wildlife and legislation affecting it.

What is Currently Available in the Naturalist's Section?
At the moment subscribers can download a catalogue of Australian Cleridae,
Lucanidae, pictures of Australian beetles (as GIF files), zipped dBase files
the addressary of  Naturalist Organisations, societies, universities etc.
around the world, Naturalists Abstracts (choice of articles from 1750 to today)
or the DELTA program (which is capable of writing an identification key). Users
can also offer sale or exchange of insects etc.
Many more features will be added as the Forum develops according to the above
plan. But in order to develop, the Forum needs the following:
* users to show their interest by registering as members of the Forum. Note
that this is FREE! If joining CompuServe, it would also help a lot if you put
down Naturalist when asked for your interests.
* regular users to provide material and information which they are willing to
share. It would be of great assistance if naturalists who have such information
could upload it direct to CompuServe, or send it on computer disk in any
popular form to my address and it will be acknowledged and uploaded, or even
send it to me via modem for uploading.

The Forum has been started entirely through my volunteer work without any
outside financial help, payments or promises of payments. naturally, any offers
of help of any sort will be gratefully accepted! The cost of using the service
is minimal considering that users will be able to access vast amounts of
information and correspond with others with similar interests world-wide, 24
hours a day.
The CompuServe software program (WINCIM, available free from CompuServe) runs
under Windows (also available under DOS), and is probably the most
user-friendly communications program available with complete automation and
even voice prompts.
If you are a current member the command to access it is GO NATURALISTS (which
is a section of PACFORUM,). If you join "Pacforum", please do not forget to
write "Naturalist" as the first word inside the "Interest" column. to show that
you are supporting this section..
CompuServe is now available in:

Argentina (541-457 825),                        Australia (free call 008 025 240),
Canada (614 457 8650),                  Chile (2-698 8807),
France (331 47 62 79 60),                       Germany (free 0130 86 46 43) ,
Hong- Kong (867 0102),                  Hungary (1 251 7676),
Israel (3-290 466),                             Japan (free 0120-22-1200),
New Zealand (free l 0800-441-082),      South Korea (free 080-022-4700),
Switzerland (free 155 31 79),           United Kingdom (free 0800 289458),
USA (free 800-848-8990) ,                       Venezuela (2-793-2984) ,
but will soon be available in other countries.

For further information, please leave E-mail for me on CompuServe, write to me
or call me.
I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of the Forum. This is a very
exciting opportunity and I welcome any suggestions or criticisms that you might
Vratislav Richard  BEJ
PO Box 619,     Bondi Junction,
New South Wales 2022
Tel: (61+2) 365 5253    Fax: (61+2) 328 6293    CompuServe: 76711,1261

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