address & name.

Ingolf Askevold IASKEVOL at VM.CC.FAMU.EDU
Wed Mar 23 14:37:08 CST 1994

  I posted this request this morning, but it seems it never hit the bulletins,
as evidenced by my not getting my own posting, as I usually do.  Therefore,
I guess I need to send it again.  Hope it's not duplicated...

      Can anyone tell me who the entomological contact/curator is
      National Museum of Victoria,

      The name, full mailing address and/or email address of this
individual is needed so that we can correctly address the return of
type specimens based on taxa recently described in a monograph on
Aussie Bagous weevils.
      Please reply to me directly.
      Thank-you, in advance,
      Ingolf S. Askevold,
      Florida A & M University
      iaskevol at

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