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Thu Mar 31 00:35:27 CST 1994

              ========  D I A N A  Announcement  ========

Dear DELTA Users,

This is to announce the first relase of DIANA, an interactive
environment for the DELTA system.

Unlike most other contemporaneus software, the DELTA system developed by
Mike Dallwitz has no single command that prompts the user, offer
possible options, or puts the user in a DELTA enviroment within which he
or her can operate. Further, to create, maintain and analyze a DELTA
dataset, it is necessary to utilize some other software for data entry
via text editing. While the results can be rewarding, working with DELTA
is a rather tedious activity (even for us, the folks!), that inevitably
involve moving from task to task, testing results, and the repetitious
entry of a large array of commands, options, and file names.

So, in order to make the use of the suite of DELTA programs a little
easier, I have developed DIANA, a software management system which brings
together the DELTA programs under a GUI-like highly interactive
environment, where the user can edit data or directive files, run the
DELTA programs (CONFOR, DELFOR, KEY, etc.) and view/edit/print the
results - all this with a few keystrokes or mouse clicks... Behind it
the normal DELTA program work and run as before - except that instead of
invoking them one-by-one at the DOS prompt, you can now do a complete
analysis of a taxonomic dataset, from data-checking to key construction,
with a mouse and CUA/SAA!

DIANA is a stand-alone program written using Borland Turbo Pascal and its
*excellent* Turbo Vision object-oriented interface library, and features
the following characteristics:

o  A full-screen ASCII text editor, supporting the editing of multiple
   data or directives DELTA files through one or more windows;

o  Pulldown menus, dialog boxes, and full mouse support;

o  Moveable, resizeable, multiple overlapping windows;

o  An online, context sensitive, hypertext based, help system providing
   full information about all of the program's features.

o  Complete memory swap to EMS, XMS, or disk, releasing the maximum
   amount of memory possible for running the DELTA programs;

o  Runs under MS-DOS on *any* IBM-PC compatible microcomputer, including
   old XT's, and do not require any special hardware (as an expensive
   SVGA graphics board, for example!);

o  And it is FREE....

The first Beta version of DIANA is now complete, and hopefully will be
released by the next week. I am looking for some Beta-test users to
play with her and see what they think of DIANA. If you are interested,
please contact me, at the e-mail address below.


Prof. Mauro J. Cavalcanti            Phone     : 55 (021) 551-5542 ext 148
Departamento de Biologia Geral       Home phone: 55 (021) 594-4745
Centro de Ciencias Biologicas        E-mail    : maurobio at ax.apc.org
Universidade Santa Ursula                        maurobio at ibase.br
Rua Fernando Ferrari, 75 - Botafogo
22231-030, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BRASIL

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