Missouri Botanical Garden Gopher ?

John McNeill rom!john at ZOO.TORONTO.EDU
Tue Mar 1 15:31:05 CST 1994

> I have been trying to connect to the Missouri Botanical Garden gopher
> for the last couple of days, but without any luck. The best answer
> I got was "Connection refused by the host." Does anybody know,
> what has happened?
> Adolf Ceska
> aceska at cue.bc.ca

My mail has also been returned from mobot.org (Missouri Botanical Garden)
over the past few days.  I can, however, add that their direct 1-800 number
used by members of the Flora of North America Editorial Committee is also
not replying, from which I assume there has been a major computer crash.  I
have not seen a notice on their login info of planned computer downtime.

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