Gopher Holes and Databases

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Fri Mar 25 13:07:20 CST 1994

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Hello Netters,

        I recently looked through the archives of this list and noticed a vast
number of gopher holes popping up that hold searchable databases.  I was
curious to know if anyone has kept a list of gopher holes that deal with
museum collections.

        My basic need is this,  I am working on the Gap Analysis of Arkansas,
a biodiversity study funded by the US F&WS.  I am looking for as many museum
records of collections of terrestrial vertebrates in Arkansas as possible.  I
have spoken with many of the museums in Arkansas already and am presently
searching for more.  Does anyone have any leads for me ?  I have already
turned up the Slater Museum of Natural History, a gopher hole located at
Harvard... Are there other holes out there that people have set up ??

        Thanks for any help.

        Don Catanzaro

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