Collection Codens

Ingolf Askevold IASKEVOL at VM.CC.FAMU.EDU
Fri May 6 08:10:13 CDT 1994

  In entomology, systematists have a tendency to go their own direction and
remake the wheel each time.  Standardization of codens is just one aspect in
they do so.  I have used an earlier version of reference: Arnett, RH & GA
Samuelson, 1969. Directory of Coleoptera Collections of North America...
Cushing-Malloy, Inc., Ann Arbor,  vii + 123 pp.   More recently, there was
Heppner, JB & G Lamas, 1982.  Acronyms for world museum collections of insects,
with an emphasis on Neotropical Lepidoptera.  Bull. Ent. Soc. Amer. 28:305-315.
These refs are not in complete concordance w.r.t codens.  Where they lacked one
I either fabricated one anew, or begged one of the curator of that collection.
In any case, I often see systematists making up their own codens;  it would be
nice if ONE SUCH LIST existed, as Al Samuelson suggested is being developed.
However, is there any realistic expectation that it will be adopted?
Ingolf Askevold

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