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Fri May 6 13:39:33 CDT 1994

Colleagues: I am coordinating a section of a UNEP workshop publication (the Glo
bal Biodiversity Assessment) that has to do with species inventorying.  This in
cludes all organisms.  This section will contain general text on sampling metho
ds and protocols, statistical analysis, etc.  It will also have some tables  th
at lead the reader to the literature on various kinds of organisms.  I would li
ke to hear from any of you who might be able to provide references on invenorty
ing and survey methods for different kinds of organisms, tiny to large, or give
 me access to papers with references.  Also papers on statistical methods of de
signing inventories, from the biosphere level to habitats.  This component of t
he GBA will be systematic.  If you have general references on specimen preserva
tion or collection management of these groups, I would like to have a table cit
ing those too.  You can send them to me at the e-mail addresses noted below. Si
nce I am a zoologist, I can use help on any and all nonanimal groups (the parap
hyletic mass of protoplasm ---a term from the past-- that the "thinking" organi
sms of the world eat!!  Thanks in advance.  Joel Cracraft

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