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I think Miguel Zarazaga has the right idea with getting the ICZN or IUBS
involved in this. The botanists have already accomplished this task through
the auspices of the IAPT. The trick is money. Asking for sponsorship
sounds easy, but does the European or American AZN have the funds to
accomplish such a daunting task? I'm pretty sure the ICZN doesn't.
Possibly a team of sponsoring societies can pool enough funds to get a
group of specialists together and compile such a list.

Of course, it would even be better for standardization of all codens along
all biological lines (botany as well as zoology). I'm sure all those who
want to barcode their collection will enjoy that. However, the tradition of
using certain abbreviations for certain well-known institutions will no
doubt result in much difficulty in requesting someone to *change* from
something that they are so accustomed to using.

Time (and money) will tell . . .

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