Symposium on Development and Relationships of Fishes

Karsten Hartel hartel at MCZ.HARVARD.EDU
Mon May 9 13:50:00 CDT 1994


Jeff Leis, Muneo Okiyama and I (please see addresses that follow this
message) are co-chairmen of a planned "Symposium on Development and
Relationships of Fishes" (tentative title) during the upcoming
International Larval Fish Conference in Sydney, 26-30 June 1995.  I am
designated as the North American convenor, and hope to interest you, your
students and colleagues in the opportunity to contribute to our effort.  We
are in the early stages of planning, and this message is intended only to
establish contact, and ask for your help and consideration.

We wish to assemble a group of researchers who are using ontogenetic data
in studies of evolutionary relationships, or who are compiling or
describing these data for future use in similar investigations.  Our
emphasis will on the use of morphological traits of eggs and larvae as
additional suites of characters in phylogenetic analysis, as well as the
importance of developmental sequence in tests of homology.  Our goal is to
promote the use of developmental data in phylogenetic reconstruction.  In
other words, we hope to construct a Symposium in the continuing spirit of the
1983 Ahlstrom Symposium on Ontogeny and Systematics of Fishes, and the 1990
Symposium on Phylogeny of Percomorpha.  To that end, we plan to publish these
proceedings in an appropriate journal that enjoys wide distribution, and
are presently engaged in discussions with several editors.

Session details and specifics on the meeting will be forthcoming in the
form of an official announcement.  For now, I would be happy if you would
begin thinking about this date (it's not far away!) and opportunity, and
transmit any thoughts, preliminary titles, or questions to me.  I would be
especially interested in additional e-mail addresses of other students and
colleagues not on the present list who may be potential contributors.

Thanks for your help.

Best Wishes,

John Olney
North American Convenor
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Gloucester Point, Virginia, 23062 (USA)

Jeff Leis
International Larval Fish Conference Host
Australian Museum
PO Box A285
Sydney South, NSW 2000
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Karsten E. Hartel
  Curatorial Associate, Fishes
  hartel at

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