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Tue May 10 09:54:23 CDT 1994

I wonder whether we are reaching any point of consensus. Luis A. Ruedas
states that '20,000 specimens examined is certainly far from the norm'.
I would like to say that in a good lot of taxonomic & biogeographic
work on arthropodan groups, this may be the rule. For areographical
work, this huge list should be published anyway. It is not fair to leave
all the burden of sending floppies with the databases to the author
(costs, time, etc.) because a note in the paper states that 'such data
are available from the author upon request'. This is a part of a
scientific publication, despite Luis is 'relatively adamant about
maintaining "Specimens Examined" sections in journal articles'.
Codens & databases will be easily available thru Internet in an increasing
way, I believe that servers will proliferate in the next years, also
in less developed countries.
AS far as I have learned during my years as Editor of an entomological
journal, with the cost of a printed page I could buy about 40 floppy
disks 1.44 Mb. With the cost of 10 pages I could provide a floppy with
each copy of the journal, and include in it text or any database files
(compressed or not). The cost of copying these files would be about
1 printed page more. An important thing: we could save paper = trees!
Another possibility is putting the files in an internet address to be
ftp'd and publish the address in the paper.
Codens: I have just an idea, the more univocal are the concepts (collections)
and the labels (codens), the easier and more reliable the communication
(science becomes improved). This is the same idea underlying Linnaean
Comments, please?
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