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I teach a field class in on basic botany and ethical plant gathering in the
Pacific Northwest. One of the main reasons I don't teach the one day plant
walks people so want is that you are left with untrained people who can cause
lots of damage to the plants or to themselves. By having students go out with
me in the field in small classes for  over ten weeks, I get to know them, and
their ethics.

After teaching them to key out the plants, then I can show them stands of
rare and endangered plants, and after ten years plus teaching , no one has
gone back and dug them up.

The local Native Plant Society, however, has had their problems. Giving one
day field trips to see the threatened such ans so is not alsways a good idea.
They've returned the following week to find someones harvested the rare

In the US Forest Service office, I heard someone off the street ask where a
Cyperidium could be located. No one told him, because the desk workers didn't
know, but if they did talk to the person that knew, they wouldn't have gotten
any information. Same with certain rock paintings.

As a teacher, I find it easy to teach things, but it';s much harder to know
what not to teach.

The Forest Service and the Natural heratage Database (where all the
threatened and rare plants are cataloged in Oregon) will not just give out T
& E sites. I have built up trust by adding the sites I have found to their

In todays world, a threatened plant has become political. The spotted owl
nest will be destroyed so logging can continue, the rare plant will be picked
so that the court battle will end, and the condominiums built.

I firmly believe that the exact location of rare and threatened species
should not be public access on the
internet nor anywhere else. If a person is sincere and ethical s/he will
prove it to you over time, perhaps with an exchange of their own valuble

Howie Brounstein
C & W Herbs
PO Box 1553
Sisters, OR 97759
howieb1991 at

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