Angiosperm Families - INTKEY Package

Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Wed May 25 16:08:56 CDT 1994

A new release of this package is now available.

If you have not downloaded the previous release, you will need to download
the files in the data subdirectory, and files in the subdirectory 'extra' as
required (see below).

If you have already downloaded the previous release, you need only download
the files in the data subdirectory, and the files in the subdirectory
extra/new as required (this subdirectory contains copies of the files in
'extra' which have changed since the last release).

INTKEY currently has versions in English, French, German, and Portuguese. The
character list for the angiosperm families is in English only. We would like
to hear from people who might be interested in translating either INTKEY or
the character list into other languages. No knowledge of programming is


                  Angiosperm Families - INTKEY Package
                       Downloading from Internet

                              23 May 1994

                               L. Watson
        Taxonomy Laboratory, Research School of Biological Sciences
  Australian National University, GPO Box 475, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
                Phone +61 6 249 4666  Fax +61 6 249 4437

                             M. J. Dallwitz
   CSIRO Division of Entomology, GPO Box 1700, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
     Phone +61 6 246 4075  Fax +61 6 246 4000  Internet md at

An MS-DOS INTKEY package for angiosperm families (L. Watson and M.J. Dallwitz
1991, The families of angiosperms: automated descriptions, with interactive
identification and information retrieval. Aust. Syst. Bot., 4, 681-95) is
available by gopher or anonymous ftp from the following Internet hosts.

     Host                   Base directory
     --------------------   -----------------------        /pub/software/delta        /pub/biodiversity/delta   /delta

The distribution package consists of text files *.1st, self-expanding files
*.exe, and image files *.gif. The data files and information about
installation are in the subdirectory angio. angio at .exe contains the data and
various subsidiary files. Download.1st contains this information about
downloading the files, and angio.1st describes the procedure for installing
the programs on an MS-DOS computer. The rest of the files are not essential
for running INTKEY, and are in the subdirectory angio/extra. a at .exe, b at .exe,
... contain full descriptions in English, and are about 1MB in size. *.gif
contain images, and are about 50MB in size. The files must be transmitted in
binary mode, set by the ftp command `binary'. (Failure to do so will result in
the error message `HeaderC Error' when the .exe files are run.)

If you do not already have the latest version of the interactive
identification and information retrieval program, INTKEY, you will need to
obtain the file delta1 at .exe from the subdirectory msdos. This file contains
INTKEY.EXE and its documentation.

To install the programs on an MS-DOS computer, place the .exe files in the
directory C:\ANGIO, and the .gif files in the directory C:\ANGIO\PICS. Then
follow the installation procedure described in angio.1st, but omit the COPY

The file Index.txt (note the upper-case I) contains a list of other available
programs and data. To view this file during an ftp session, give the ftp
commands `get Index.txt' and `! more < Index.txt'.

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