Lactose produced by vegetals??

Alexandro SAAVEDRA Alexandro.Saavedra at RESIDENCES.ULAVAL.CA
Mon May 2 08:08:20 CDT 1994

Hello netters:

Some weeks ago I assisted to the results presentation of someone who has
been working on fish physiology. The exposant briefly talked about an
intestinal lactase activity in the concerned fish, and postulated that it
would be explained as an ancestral activity accounting for the dietary
composition (e.g.: a lactose-producing algae) of the specimen ancestors.

So, I wondered if a lactose-producing photosynthetic organism (plant, algae)
has ever been reported. I ran a CD-ROM search, but I dind't found anything.
Does it make any sense to anyone among you?

Best regards,

Alexandro SAAVEDRA
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