Bar Code usage in systematics collections (G.F. Rusty Russell) MNHBO005 at SIVM.SI.EDU
Thu May 5 12:04:18 CDT 1994

After recently receiving numerous inquiries about bar code applications,
including one from Petra Sierwald who also posted a note to TAXACOM,
I realize that a more complete survey of existing and planned bar code
applications in systematics collections needs to be conducted and the
results distributed widely.  Since we have been implementing bar code
applications in the U.S. National Herbarium for almost a decade, I
have been in touch with many individuals (at least in Botany) who have
incorporated bar codes into their management of collections.

I would like to hear about ANY bar code applications in systematics
collections.  No details yet, just institutions or people to contact.
It may be your application or one belonging to another organization.
I just need contacts at this point.  Please reply separately from this
posting to  mnhbo005 at

I will report periodically on the information that I receive.  Ultimately,
this should develop into an effective how-to manual for implementing
bar code applications.  There will NOT be a right way or wrong way,
but there WILL be useful recommendations and good examples to follow.

Rusty Russell   NHB-166                      tel: 202-357-4362
Smithsonian Institution                      fax: 202-786-2563
Washington, DC 20560 USA                  mnhbo005 at

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