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Stephen Gaimari stephen_gaimari at QMS1.LIFE.UIUC.EDU
Fri May 6 12:11:57 CDT 1994

One possible way to achieve consistent usage of a particular coden for a
given collection is in the hands of the collection itself.  Rather than go by
a published list of codens for the worlds collections, maybe the collections
themselves could put the proper coden on their specimen loan forms, and on
their letterhead.  The proper coden would then be known by anyone making
correspondence with that collection.  Then there could be uniformity among
the various branches of a given museum (e.g., botanical collection,
entomological collection, etc.), provided they can agree on a coden.
Obviously, there would have to be correspondence among collections to avoid
duplicating codens.  After a few years, these codens could be compiled into a
published list, only this publication would have the codens desired by the
museum itself.  I think that this would take some time to implement, as
museums usually have large quantities of letterhead and loan forms, but until
this stationary runs out and new forms can be ordered, a stamp could be used.
 The only real problem I can see with this involves duplication of codens,
but what is done about that now?

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