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Fri May 6 18:13:45 CDT 1994

It would be nice that the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature
or the International Union of Biological Sciences delegate to a special
commission with the task of providing a universal list of codens for the
zoological collections, charging some well-known zoologists interested in
this particular item with the constitution of such a commission. The results
should be published in a similar way as the 'Official Lists and Indexes of
Names and Works on Zoology' and updated constantly. I think that this
commission and the updating could be sponsored by the European Association
for Zoological Nomenclature and its American counterpart, plus any other
interested society. This 'Official List of Codens' or no-matter-the-name-
you-wish could be strongly 'recommended' in the new Code. I wouldn't dare
to suggest making it 'mandatory' since the ICZN is intended to accomplish
a different labour.
Any comment?
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