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Thu May 19 12:06:14 CDT 1994

Hello Netters,

        I would like to add my $.02 to this discussion.  I believe that it is in
the best interests of all museums to put their collections online.  I also
believe that it is a trivial matter to limit the spatial resolution of the data
that being offered free of charge and indiscriminately to the public.

        I am currently working on the GAP analysis of Arkansas and one of our
prime sources of data are museum collections and data gathered by the Arkansas
Natural Heritage Commission.  Because of the sensitive nature of some of the
data (Federal & State threatened and endangered species), we will limit the
spatial resolution of the products we will give out.  After discussing the
matter with the AR NHC, we have decided that by using the EPA-EMAP hexagon
tesselation (each hexagon covers aprox. 635 sq km.) we will sufficiently
protect any sensitive species.  Any requests for further detailed locations will
be refered to the "original" data source ...  (I know that is passing the buck
so to speak but the data we will be using is not ours).

                Don Catanzaro

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