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Mark Camara writes:

>Apparently, rabid collectors of rare and endangered species have begun to
>use the internet access to determine locations for profitable collecting,
>and have (at least with a few plant species) wiped out very critical

>She suggests that the any locality
>information more precise than county be protected from electronic access
>except by special request.

We've dealt with the same issue in a Colorado state committee coordinating
releases of insects for weed biocontrol.  Some people have allegedly used
release-site information to go to the release site, collect biocontrol
agents that have recently been released, and take them someplace else.  It
isn't always clear whether or not stories of this sort are apocryphal, but
the practical consequence of the stories themselves is that committee
members have agreed to prepare maps that only show approximate locations of
releases, and list agencies that may be contacted for more precise lat-long
information if needed.

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