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I am an owner of a 'private' collection which includes holo- and paratypes,
not only mine but from colleagues' gifts. I think that real 'collectors' of
natural objects 'like stamps' do not have this kind of nomenclaturally and
taxonomically important specimens in their collections. I have never refused
to send these types to the colleagues which have requested them. My family
has instructions to deposite the collection in a Museum as soon as I die or
become unable to manage it. The collection is mine because I paid for it
even the last pin and my family helped me with their understanding and
often with their physical support. My only interest is Science, I am not
trading with my types, I only exchange specimens to get the species I don't
know for my studies.
I think that Eric Lazo-Wasem has put inside the same bag two different kinds
of people. He should remaind that in Entomology there is a good lot of
amateurs doing a very good work on systematics, biogeography, ecology, etc.
because they like it and also because state fundings do not reach them to
get a job. Without these amateurs the entomological knowledge would be
much lesser than the present. And you may find rotten apples in any barrel,
even politicians trade with their privileged information.
I think we should debate ways of control of this situation which are not
insulting or degrading to persons interested in natural history, and
which do not imply a police supervision of citizens.
Try to be more objective, my friends.
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