Collections Data Use/Abuse, esp. via electronic access

Museum Informatics Project MIP-ARCH at UCBCMSA.BITNET
Fri May 20 11:12:00 CDT 1994

Gary Rosenberg recently posted a note to Taxacom containing some discussion
on this subject, which was cross-posted from the mollusca listprocessor
at (that's a one). Additional discussion can be found
there, as follows: connect via gopher to, and follow
the directories from "Mollusca - Mailing List Services" to "Mollusca-Archives"
and find these subjects near the end of the list of documents:
 Looking for paleontological resources
 RE: Looking for paleontological resources
 museum data
 Potential of museum data
 Re: Museum Data
 Shell collecting and molluscan diversity

While molluscs may only be fit to eat, the discussion and issues raised
generalize well to other taxa, biodiv, and collection management concerns.

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