Help: Wangenheim and his collections?

Fri May 20 15:09:49 CDT 1994

Hi all,

  Sorry to interrupt the discussion on Electronic Access of collection

  I would like to locate something for our writing on the genus
Kalmia (Ericaceae) for the Flora of North America Project. Kalmia polifolia
Wang. was published in 1788 (ref.3), and it is not known whether he had a
type or not (1 & 2), maybe he just described the species based on garden
plants (2). My question is:

  Are there any Wangenheim's collections kept somewhere, especiall Germany?
how about Kalmia polifolia? (note: Wangenheim described the plants from Tegel
Plantation, Berlin).

  Thanks in advance for your help.



1. Ebinger, J.E. 1974. A systematic study of genus Kalmia. Rhodora 76: 315-398.

2. Southall, R.M., and J.W. Hardin. 1974. A taxonomic revision of Kalmia
(Ericaceae). Jour. Elisha Mitchell Sci. Soc 90: 1-23.

3. Wangenheim, F.U.J. 1788. Beschreibung der polenblattrigen Kalmia und der
  gelbbluhenden rosskastanie. Schr. Berlin Ges. Naturf. Freunde 8 (3): 129-137
   + 2 plates.

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