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Bruce Halliday bruceh at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Tue May 3 13:11:43 CDT 1994

I am interested in hearing of people's experiences with specimens
mounted on microscope slides. I refer mainly to mites, but insects
or insect parts are also relevant. Specifically, what are the advantages
and disadvantages of different mounting media, such as Euparal,
Canada Balsam, gum/chloral media such as Hoyer's, Berlese's etc., and others?
How good is the optical quality of these media for your specimens?
How easy or difficult is to prepare and mount specimens?
How easy or difficult is it to remove a specimen from a slide for re-mounting?
How successful are these media for long-term preservation of important
specimens such as types and vouchers?
Are old specimens on slides in your collections still in good condition?
If specimens have deteriorated, what is the nature of the problem?

If responses are sufficient and useful, I will compile a summary and post it.

Thank you for your interest.

Bruce Halliday. 3 May 1994.

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Subject:      Looking for the "Societe Polonaise de Taxonomie"


I'm making this request on behalf of my friend Mark Lodewijckx, who has no
access to the net. He is looking for any news about the following :

Societe Polonaise de Taxonomie,
"GENUS", Journal international de Taxonomie des Invertebres,
Biological Silesiae,
ul. Partyzantow 19/3,
51672 Wroclaw

Correspondance address:
skr. poczt. 2444,
Wroclaw 48,

He didn't get any copy of GENUS since 1993, and did not get any answers to
his letters sent to both addresses.  He is wondering what happened to the
Societe Polonaise de Taxonomie, GENUS, and/or Biological Silesiae.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Frans Janssens
frans at sebb.bel.alcatel.be

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