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Don Glasco asked the interesting question:

> Can one of our Swedish friends (or anyone how knows) tell me what
> the current institution code is for the:
> 'Royal Natural History Museum, Stockholm'

My interest, and my reason for mailing this generally, is not in the
institution itself (though see below) but in the issue of an "institution
code".  I am, of course, well aware of the internationally recognized
"Herbarium Abbreviations", established at least since the 1950's in Index
Herbariorum Part I: The Herbaria of the World, of which the most recent
edition is the eighth, by Patricia K. Holmgren, Noel H. Holmgren and Lisa
C. Barnett, published for the International Association for Plant Taxonomy
by the New York Botanical Garden in 1990.

Is there a similarly internationally recognized set of abbreviations for
zoological (or for that matter anthropological) collections - and if so are
there substantial discrepancies?  I have never come across one, but that
may reflect botanical isolation.

In preparing abbreviations for referring to mycological collections that
are not (yet) in Index Herbariorum, it became evident that the current
accepted international Culture Collection abbreviations of these
institutions not infrequently conflicted with the Index Herbariorum ones
(e.g. duplicated existing Herbarium abbreviations).

Index Herbariorum gives the English title of the Stockholm museum about
which Don Glasco enquires as "Swedish Museum of Natural History";  the
Index Herbariorum abbreviation is:  S

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