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Al Samuelson alsam at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Wed May 4 15:15:59 CDT 1994

Arnett, Samuelson, & Nishida (1993) is called a "definitive edition" but
it is really only a step toward unifying arthropod collections with
codens.  We hope that this opus will contribute toward a future standard
for all zoological collections.
Two major problems: 1) incompleteness and 2) inappropriate codens exist in
the book -- more improvement is needed in these areas.  Please read the
introduction to appreciate difficulties in doing a project on the world
level (apologies for typos).
Zarazaga's complaint is well taken -- the entry for the Madrid Museum
could have been better: MNCN was the coden put on the respondent's
questionnaire but for some reason MNMS was used in the book instead.
Bishop Museum is planning a revised edition, and  our next output will
very likely be electronic.  Also, compiling new entries, new and revised
coden assignments, updating and editing will be done from a single
location, instead of from two widely separated places.
I invite further criticism on the codens used so far, and more information
on missing collections.  Any new information and suggestions toward a new
version would be gratefully appreciated.
Al Samuelson

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