Internet tidbit, forwarded mail.

Ingolf Askevold IASKEVOL at VM.CC.FAMU.EDU
Fri May 13 22:14:32 CDT 1994

The following message was sent to me recently.  I thought it'd be
interesting, in the context of discussions that have gone on on
both taxacom and entomo-l.  More recently, with the posting about
pending direct user costs that may be incurred, this may be the
more scary?
     Ingolf Askevold


            Internet Know-how as Important as Reading

With twice as many networks connected to the Internet as last year
and a new one hooking up every 10 minutes, familiarity with
the Internet will become increasingly essential to everyday life,
says MARK GIBBS, co-author of "Navigating the Internet": "Not
knowing how to use the Internet will be as grave a deficiency as
not knowing how to read. The Internet will become the world's
primary means of communication and will soon carry more mail than
the entire postal services worldwide... The Internet now connects
more people, resources and services than any other communications
system except for the telephone system."

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