Chris Gordon (Hd Med Parasit) C.GORDON at CABI.ORG
Thu May 19 12:28:00 CDT 1994

Does anyone have checklists to the world fauna of Sarcophagidae
(particularly Sarcophaginae and Sarcophagini)? I need to establish a working
checklist to assist  reasonably consistent communication about particular
species, and require help in harmonizing the various higher classifications
of the family/subfamily/tribe. Any moves towards consensus in the lumping vs
splitting of Sarcophaga sensu lato?
Alternatively, can anyone supply me with the e-mail addresses of sarcophagid
taxonomists (Pape, Shewell, Verves, Lehrer, Tibana, Shinonaga, Povolny,
etc., etc.)?

on behalf of
James Brooks,
Editor, Review of Medical and Veterinary Entomology.

Please reply to: c.gordon at

Also please can anyone tell me how to subscribe to this list?

Many thanks

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