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Mark Camara writes:

>Apparently, rabid collectors of rare and endangered species have begun to
>use the internet access to determine locations for profitable collecting,
>and have (at least with a few plant species) wiped out very critical

I really want to know experiences on it. We are working to set up a
group of biodiversity information networks called bin-21 (maybe some of
you already know it) and we are trying to make information on
biodiversity accessible as wide as possible. Some countries like mine,
Ecuador, have LOTS of endangered species confined to small localities.
If this information is used to make massive collections...we are
in troubles!!!

The question is...ok, How can we identify which person is a profitable
collector and which one is a scientist? This problem don't belongs to
the internet, because profitable collectors can reach the information
anyways. I know about many people in Ecuador (With no internet
connection at all) making profitable collections based on information
from local populations, for example. Of course they can reach
information much more easily, but I really believe that it implies
practical actions instead of just restrict information.

For example, better control on protected areas and areas with
endangered populations, increase public knowledge on the subject
and...(I'm shure someone is going to jump to the arena)...find the way
to make wildlife existence more profitable than a wild animal exposed
in our houses or personal collections!!!

>She suggests that any locality information more precise than county
>be protected from electronic access except by special request.

Let's remember some numbers...there may be some 10, 20, 30 million of
species on earth. We know just 1.5 million of species (Maybe more...I
need an upgrade), it means that more of our biodiversity is unknown. We
have no enough people working to identify those species. If we restrict
access to the information...Don't you think that it will make our lifes
still harder?  Ok let's make some restrictions. How can we identify
someone as a scientist or a profitable collector?


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