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>2. Ginkgo.  Can anyone tell me what the hormone is that has been
>sprayed on female trees to stop them from producing (stinky!)
>seeds?  I have heard that it has been used on the west coast.  Is
>it successful?  Can you refer me to any published info. on it?
Cut down your female trees!
Or cut down all male trees within 40km.

It is not realistic to control flowering of 20m height tree by spraying.

Here in Japan female Ginkgo in bustling place is cut down as soon as recognized.
But female trees in lonely place is not.
They are kept not only for their ornamental value, but also for seed harvest.
The collected fruits were rot in running water, and clean kernels are
gatherd and dried.
Such kernels have no stink.
Usualy they are roasted and eaten.
There are many Ginkgo orchards, and good cultivars indeed.

Handle fruits with care, because they are strongly allergenic.

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