molecular vouchers policies

Wed Nov 2 10:36:42 CST 1994

For Museum Curators and others,
    As a followup to recent debates on natural history and systematics
museum policies on loans and voucher deposition policies for molecular
systematic research (see Mol. Phyl. Evol. 3: 268-272 and the newest issue
of Trends Ecol. Evol.), I will be presenting a talk at the Entomology
Collections Network Meetings in December in Dallas on this subject.  A
number of museums are beginning to formulate policies on a) how and under
what circumstances material will be loaned for desctructive sampling for
molecular research, and b) what should the museum require back of borrowers-
the DNA samples themselves, info on where the DNA samples are kept, any
leftover parts of specimens along with labels?, etc.  Some museums have
had policies on this for some time, but many users are unaware of them.
   I would like to compile a set of policies from various museums for this
meeting, to serve as examples of how museums at different levels of funding and
molecular expertise can deal and have dealt with the problem.  If there is
enough interest, I can post the compilation on the TAXACOM list as well.
   If you or your institution have such a policy regarding specimen use for
molecular research, please send it to me at:
            J. B. Whitfield
            Department of Entomology
            University of Arkansas
            Fayetteville, AR 72701
            FAX (501) 575-2452
            tel (501) 575-2482
            e-mail jwhitfie at

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