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Sam James (by way of beach at Jim Beach) Sam James (by way of beach at Jim Beach)
Thu Nov 10 12:57:41 CST 1994

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Subject:      Caribbean bromeliad taxonomic info?

Taxacom Subscribers:

    Recently I have been working on some worms specialized to live in
bromeliad leaf tanks.  My collecting has been in the Lesser Antilles.  It
occurred to me that I should learn something about the plants, since there
were obvious differences among the bromeliofloras of the islands from St.
Kitts to Grenada.  Yesterday I searched the Gray database, and got only
one hit, an Achmea from Guadeloupe.  Do you have any ideas where I might
find a good summary of the bromeliads of these islands?  I apologize for
this intrusion, but the library where I work is very tiny.

    Sam James

sjames at

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