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Sat Nov 12 13:08:00 CST 1994

hi ken hill and others---
the text below tells you how to get in touch with the author
of the boxer/tko editor.  this is another programmer's editor that goes for
about US$50 and manipulates columns as well as rows, seems infinitely re-
configurable so as to match commands to which you're already accustomed, and
can be run from either DOS or W3.1.  the tko version uses the phar-lap DOS
extender and so can handle file sizes up to however much RAM you have; it
might cost a little more than indicated above.  works real well as far as
i'm concerned.  author supplies a shareware version so you can try it out.
cheers, ---tad (= Tim Dickinson).

David R. Hamel                                              CIS: 70242,2126
(603) 924-6602                          Internet: 70242.2126 at

BOXER Software  *  P.O. Box 3230  *  Peterborough, NH 03458-3230  *  U.S.A.

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