BBC Gopher and WWW Server status

Julian Humphries jmh3 at CORNELL.EDU
Fri Nov 18 16:10:00 CST 1994

For those of attempting to connect to the Biodiversity and
Biological Collections Gopher and World Wide Web Servers
(at gopher:// and
for the past three days, I have good news.  Cornell was suffering from a
variety of network problems between the Vertebrate Collections and main
campus. The prior technology was based on a propriety protocal which
transmitted over copper.  Top speed was approximately 1 megabit per second.

As of Friday afternoon, all copper wiring has been replaced with
fiber, running at either Ethernet or FDDI speeds.  This technology
should be far more reliable and as a bonus, should provide much
faster access speeds.  My early tests indicate significantly
faster access from our offices to other network sites.

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