PCR on exiccata

Tue Nov 29 11:10:48 CST 1994

Dear all,
   I am a botanist at the University of Naples "Federico II",
Italy. It is the first time I post on this list, but I have been
a "lurker" for quite a while.
   I was looking for some reliable protocol to extract PCR-grade
DNA from minimal amounts of leaf tissue coming from old (100
years or more) herbarium specimens. Comments on the potential
toxification of TAQ polymerase because of the nasty stuff used
to poison exiccata in the past would be appreciated.
   I hope my query is in the scope of this list. If you find the
subject too technical to be of general interest, reply to me
personally. If I receive a sufficient number of replies, I will
post a synopsis.
Thanks in advance to all of you.

PAOLO CAPUTO                       PHONE: +39 81 440681
Universita' di Napoli              FAX  : +39 81 450165
Dip. biologia vegetale             E-MAIL: CAPUTOP at VM.CISED.UNINA.IT
80139 Napoli Italia
ÿÿ    PCR on exiccata                                                          M

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