PCR on exiccata

Tue Nov 29 13:28:45 CST 1994

Paola Caputo <caputop at vm.cised.unina.it> writes:
>...I was looking for some reliable protocol to extract PCR-
>grade DNA from minimal amounts of leaf tissue coming from
>old (100 years of more) herbarium specimens. Comments on
>the potential toxification of TAQ polymerase because of the
>nasty stuff used to poison exiccata in the past would be
>appreciated.  ...

I don't "do" molecular studies, but I know one of the
protocols used here when utilizing herbarium materials is
that of S.O. Rogers and A.J. Bendich in Plant Molecular
Biology 5: 69-76, 1985.  I don't think this paper discusses
the chemicals used in treatment of the specimens; however,
an additional consideration is not only the nature of the
original "nasty stuff", but also its "break-down" products.

Good luck,
Deb Lewis
Curator of the Herbarium, ISC
dlewis at iastate.edu

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