U.S.F.W.S. regulations

Eric H. Metzler metzler at NRULT1.DNR.OHIO.GOV
Wed Nov 30 10:50:47 CST 1994

I post this to TAXACOM, ENTOMO-L, ENTLIST, and LEPS.  Please cross
post to other lists of interested scientists.

Kudos and accolades to Elaine Hoagland and ASC for the extended comment
period on the proposed U.S.F.W.S. regulations pertinent to import/export.
With the extended comment period, more letters are needed.

I visited Frank Shoemaker in his office on Nov. 1, 1994.  We had an excellent
conversation, but he is sticking to his interpretations about the intent of the
current and proposed regulations.  The only way to get change is to write
letters, LOTS OF LETTERS.  My interpretation of Frank's comments is that
we are playing a numbers game.  He sincerely wants lots of letters.  More
letters express more need for change.  300 letters from 300 individuals is
much better than one letter from a society representing 300 people.

If you don't have specific recommendations, you can write to say that you
endorse the recommendations of The Entomological Society of America or the
Association of Systematics Collections or others.  The main thing now is to
let the U.S.F.W.S. know that you are concerned enough to write a letter and
invest in a 29 cent stamp.

1.   You must address your letters to:  Director, U.S.F.W.S.
                                        P.O. Box 3247
                                        Arlington  Virginia  22203-3247

2.   You must make reference to:  Federal Register, Vol. 59, No. 177, Wed.
                                  September 14, 1994, pages 47212-47220

After all the work to get the extension, don't let the extra 30 days go by
without writing a letter.

Eric H. Metzler
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Columbus  Ohio  43224
metzler at nrult1.dnr.ohio.gov
614 265 6774

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