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                         is pleased to announce

             a monographic series on the taxonomy of
         the marine invertebrates of Southern California

                          The TAXONOMIC ATLAS

              of the Benthic Fauna of the Santa Maria Basin
                  and the Western Santa Barbara Channel

STUDY AREA:  includes the Santa Maria Basin and Western Santa Barbara
Channel, California, USA, with boundaries of approximately 34.0 N to 35.7 N
and 119.7 W to 121.5 W,  in depths ranging from 50 to 930 m.

INCLUDED TAXA:  The Atlas will consist of 14 volumes, with most volumes
anticipated at a cost less than US$ 35 each. The first volume serves to
orient the reader to the Atlas by presenting a physical description of the
study area, and an overview of the ecology and habitats in the region.  In
addition, the acoelomate phyla (Platyhelminthes and Nemertea) are presented
in Volume 1.  Additional phyla will be monographed as follows: Volume 2 -
Porifera; Volume 3 - Cnidaria; Volumes 4-7 - Annelida; Volumes 8-9 Mollusca;
Volume 10-12 Arthropoda; Volume 13 Bryozoa; and Volume 14 remaining taxa.  A
master species will be included in an appendix at the end of Volume 14.

FORMAT:  Each taxon monographed will include an introduction that summarizes
the salient features of the group.  Specific aspects of the morphology,
taxonomy, biology, ecology, and distribution will be treated in sections
following the introduction.  Keys will be provided to allow the reader to
identify each species.  Each major taxonomic category will also include a
glossary of terms, a list of abbreviations used in the figures, and a
literature cited section.  The line drawings and photographs will illustrate
the morphology of each species with and emphasis placed on the most
important taxonomic characters mentioned in the description and those
characters mentioned in the keys.


Volume 1 - Introduction, Nemertea, Platyhelminthes; 132 pages, 10 color
plates, 26 text figures

Volume 2 - Porifera; 82 pages, 50 text figures

Volume 4 - Annelida (Oligochaeta & Polychaeta - Part 1 (Phyllodocidae to
Paralacydoniidae); 377 pages, 128 text figures

New volumes will be published approximately once every two months.
Subsribers to the entire series will receive a 10% discount.



Paul Scott
Department of Invertebrate Zoology
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
2559 Puesta del Sol Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93105 USA

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Department of Invertebrate Zoology
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
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Santa Barbara, CA 93105 USA
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