Diana G. Horton dhorton at VAXA.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU
Tue Nov 1 11:21:06 CST 1994

I would appreciate input pertaining to any of the following

1. Fields for Herbarium Database.  Where can I get a listing of
the fields that should be included?  I have heard that one was
circulated on TAXACOM, but I only just joined the mailing list.

2. Ginkgo.  Can anyone tell me what the hormone is that has been
sprayed on female trees to stop them from producing (stinky!)
seeds?  I have heard that it has been used on the west coast.  Is
it successful?  Can you refer me to any published info. on it?

3. Herbarium specimens of Wolffia, Lemna and the like.  Are there
any nice, flat, leakproof vials (polyethylene rather than glass)
that one can use to put such aquatics in alcohol & keep them on a
herbarium sheet?  I hate having to keep containers separate from
the sheets.  Is there any better way to preserve them (other than
alcohol & a little glycerine in some sort of air-tight jar)??
They seem to shrivel up to nothing with air drying, and do the
same in permanent mounting solutions on slides.  What % alcohol
should be used?

4.  In connection with #3, I just discovered that some of our
jars of material that were in alcohol have dried out.  Should I
add more alcohol & glycerine, or is it better to leave them alone
now that the material has dried?

5.  Biogeography Texts.  Which do people recommend currently (for
class use - upper level undergrads & grads)?  I have used Brown &
Gibson "Biogeography" and liked it overall, but it was published
in 1983.....  What do other people think about the new edition of
Cox & Moore "Biogeography"?

6.  Lane Herbarium Dryer.  What temperature should the dryer be
set at?  Someone recently told me that bryophyte specimens must
be air dried if they are to have potential for DNA studies.  Is
this true of vascular plants too?

Thank you!

-- Diana Horton

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