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>                             Announcing startup of the
> The University of Missouri-Kansas City is pleased to announce a new project
> for its gopher archive "Science Studies", mounted on Over
> the last two years, our Science Studies archive has provided a wide variety
> of services to the worldwide science studies community. It has come time to
> provide a new service, one which has been requested by a large number of
> colleagues: a comprehensive guide to what's available in science studies
> around the globe. Since there is no such guide currently available in any
> form, we propose to create one, and post it on our kasey gopher. Presenting
> the guide's information in easy-to-use, downloadable gopher format on the
> Internet will make this important resource available just about anywhere,
> anytime. Here's how to participate.
> We have always construed "science studies" as broadly as possible. This
> means that any program in {history, philosophy, psychology, sociology} of
> {science, engineering, medicine, technology, or any special subdisciplines
> within them} counts as a member of the science studies cluster.
> Additionally, we include freestanding or specialist science education
> programs, for example, Elementary Science Specialist courses. If you would
> like your program to be listed and described in the INTERNET WORLDWIDE
> GUIDE, send a program description to me, George Gale, via
> ggale at
> Information on your program should include anything you think relevant to
> prospective students or colleagues, researchers, or just about anyone who
> needs straight information about you. Please limit yourself to 5 screens (=
> 90 lines) of ascii-text. One easy solution would be to simply reproduce your
> program advertisement's copy [assuming, of course, that you have an
> advertisement in the first place!]
> We hope to organize the guide in two ways: 1) geographically, starting from
> continent, and narrrowing down from there; 2) subject-wise. It will be a bit
> tricky to do this second display, so we need your help. Here's what we need:
> pick from the following list of abbreviations that one (or, if you're
> blessed with a surfeit of riches, those ones) which BEST describe your
> program. Please, please exercise some patience and flexibility when doing
> this part of the exercise. [But of course, if I've forgotten some
> significant category, feel free to add it in, and mention it to me in a
> wounded tone!]
> HS (= history of science)
> HSbio,*phys, *etc (= history of biology, history of physics, etc.)
> HE (= history of engineering)
> HM (= history of medicine)
> HPS (= history and philosophy of science)
> HT (= history of technology)
> PM (= philosophy of medicine)
> PS (= philosophy of science)
> PSphys, *bio, *etc (= philosophy of physics, philosophy of biology, etc.)
> PT (= philosophy of technology)
> PsychS (= psychology of science)
> SciEd (= science education)
> SS (= sociology of science)
> SSK (= sociology of scientific knowledge)
> ST (= sociology of technology)
> STS (= science, technology & society)
> STStu (= science & technology studies)
> and so on through the various combinations and permutations.
> We'll be looking forward to posting your material in the GUIDE.
> George Gale,
> Prop.
> ggale at

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