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>gathered the nuts to eat. I brought some home but only got one to germinate,
This might be due to drying up of the seeds.
The seeds are, as well as other nuts or acorn, easy to loss their viability
when drying.

>I am a geologist but grow bonsais. In Japan is it possible to grow bonsai
>females which fruit? I have a Ginkgo bonsai, quite young but of course do not
>know its sex.
Ginkgo bonsai is grown in Japan.
Besides normal type, several exquisite strains are also grown.

1. varigated forms.
   I think you know that Japanese people like varigated forms of
   several plants very much.

2. 'fruits on a leaf'
   Fruit stalk(s) is born directly on a leaf.

3. 'adventitious roots at branches'
   Very thick adventitious roots appear from branch or trunk.
   This suggets breasts and Japanese call this 'breasts'.

4. 'Gemini fruit?'
   Two fruits fuse into one frequently.

and more.....
They are grown as tall garden trees, as well as bonsais.
Thank you for your interest.

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