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  OFFICE MEMO         Grad Research Asst                    Date:  11/30/94

A Graduate Research Assistantship is available beginning in January 1995 at
Clemson University in the Aquatic Arthropod Diversity Program to survey the
aquatic insects, especially for new and rare species, in two streams at the
Savannah River Site.  Incumbent will perform field surveys  in Pen Branch;
identify specimens captured to extent of his/her ability; coordinate specimen
shipments and data management with taxonomic consultants; supervise data
compilation and mapping of rare species in Upper Three Runs Creek and its
tributaries; interpret data; and prepare final report.  Four undergraduate
student assistants will help in this work along with two other cooperating
Graduate Research Assistants.  Compensation will be at least $10,000/yr for a
MS student, $12,000/yr for a PhD student, with support for at least two
I need to know of possible interest IMMEDIATELY in order to complete
admission process and student's move to Clemson by January.
John C. Morse, PhD
Professor of Entomology and Director of
The Clemson University Arthropod Collection
phone:  803-656-5049
FAX:  803-656-5065

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