On-line catalogs --- compiling resources

Robert Guralnick robg at FOSSIL.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Nov 1 17:06:21 CST 1994

        Hi ---

        The University of California Museum of Paleontology has
begun to reorganize and update collections material accessible
through the Internet in general and its Web server in particular.
We are particularly interested in enhancing the effecient exchange
of natural history collections information from sites around the world.
To this end, we have linked together numerous collections sites
with the hope that this will serve as a resource to the scientific
community.  We have added as many sites as we know of off hand that
serve collections information, but could use some help. Take a look at
our collection (URL=http://ucmp1.berkeley.edu/collections/other.html)
and let us know if we missed any sites.  If we have, we will add
that link to the appropriate page.  Thanks for the help.


Robert Guralnick   | Museum of Paleontology   | University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720 | robg at fossil.berkeley.edu | (510) 642-9696

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