New version of DELTA Menus System for Windows

Nicholas Lander nlander at WA.ERIN.GOV.AU
Wed Nov 9 17:50:28 CST 1994

This is to announce the availability of a new version of my DELTA Menus System
for Windows.

DELTA MENU SYSTEM comprises a software management system to bring together
DELTA and other software employed under an easily operated menuing shell.
DELTA MENU SYSTEM is a WINDOWS program. It presents the user with the choice
of many of the tasks involved in creating and maintaining a DELTA
implementation and some of the available applications which utilise
descriptive data in DELTA format. For workaday chores at least, DELTA MENU
SYSTEM obviates the need for exiting to DOS to issue commands from the DOS
Prompt direct, or for resorting to the WINDOWS Task Manager, Program Manager
or File Manager utilities. DELTA MENU SYSTEM can be configured to call the
software of your choice for editing and viewing of text and image files.

Now included are Windows Help (hypertext) versions of the DELTA Primer and
INTKEY documentation.

The system is available by gopher or anonymous ftp from the following Internet

     Host                   Directory
     --------------------   -------------------------   /pub/delta/dms   /delta/dms

The distribution package consists of a text file Download.1st, containing this
information about downloading the programs, and a self-expanding file
dmswin at .exe, containing the program and documentation. The files must be
transmitted in binary mode, set by the ftp command `binary'. (Failure to do so
will result in the error message `HeaderC Error' when the .exe files are run.)

Copy the file DMSWIN at .EXE into the DELTA directory (usually C:\DELTA) on your
MS-DOS computer, and expand it by entering DMSWIN at . The file DMSWIN.DOC
contains details of installation and operation.

The text editor WINEDIT and the image viewer LVIEW are recommended for use
with DMSWIN. These are available in the subdirectories delta/util and
delta/graphics on the above hosts.

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