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Shoshana Edwards bree at NETCOM.COM
Wed Nov 9 05:55:59 CST 1994

Thanks to Mr. Robert Robbins, many of you were able to request and then
view the catalogue of the private botany library we have been offering
for sale.  Many of the items in this collection were originally part of
the personal library of the late Mssr. Clausen and bear his inscription.
Still other pieces came from botanical garden libraries.  The response
has been amazing, and we want to thank all of you for your interest.
Much of the collection remains for sale, and at this time we are pleased
to announce a 20% discount on any of the remaining material.  If you
would like to see an updated list you may request it by email or post
office, or you may request items from the original list and we will let
you know if they are still available.

Mr. Robbins has suggested I make this posting and has had the highest
praise for the quality of the materials in this collection.  Thank you
again for your interest.

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