Email available in Inst of Bot, CAS at Beijing

Superuser root at BOTANY.IHEP.AC.CN
Thu Nov 24 09:17:54 CST 1994

This is the Lab of Plant Origin,Evolution and Environmental Changes of Institute
of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences at Beijng, China. We have installed
Email Program on this computer site ( We are opening accounts
for any botanists from China. So, many botanists soon have their email addresses
However, this site doesn't accepted access by Telnet and FTP [D [C [Cnow untill next year.
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

System Administrator:  Jianchang Ning (ningjc at

Jianchang Ning,   Assistant Professor of Biosystematics and Palynology
                  Supervisor of the Computer Services and Secretary of
                  Lab of Plant Origin, Evolution & Environmental Changes
                  Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
                  Xiangshan, Beijing   100093, P. R. of China
Telephone: +1-2591431 ext. 2122, 2099, 2134, 2133

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