Plant carpel origin theories?

Tim Dickinson timd at ROMUUCP.ROM.ON.CA
Tue Oct 11 10:29:25 CDT 1994

i don't know where to find the definitive account of the arber-saunders debate
(if there is one), but una smith might consider the following bits re... <E.
Saunders' ...alternative theory of carpel morphology.>  carlquist
(phytomorphology 19(4): 332-362) gives an account of problems associated with
basing morphological interpretations too much on mature vascular anatomy.
sporne (the morphology of angiosperms, 1975, p. 130) writes that saunders...
"believed that every bundle leaving the central cylinder represents the mid-rib
of an organ.  such a belief was shown, by her critics, to lead logically to some
absurd conclusions..."  you might also want to have a look at sattler's 1974
paper on gynoecial morphology (phytomorphology 24(1&2): 22-34) if you don't
already know about it.  cheers, ---tad.

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