To all concerned with the biosystematics of invertebrates and microorganisms.

Thu Oct 13 09:50:00 CDT 1994

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To all concerned with the systematics of invertebrates and microorganisms

BioNET-INTERNATIONAL is a Global Technical Cooperation Network of
institutions and people concerned with biosystematics of Invertebrates and
Microorganisms. The goal of this network is the mobilisation and enhancement
the world's biosystematic resources for the benefit of developing countries.
BioNET-INTERNATIONAL is building and sustaining realistic biosystematic
self-reliance in developing sub-regions and providing the biosystematic
backup to biodiversity.

BioNET-INTERNATIONAL is convening a Global Workshop (BIGW, 1995) in Cardiff,
Wales on 23-26 August 1995 to provide an interface between the providers and
users of biosystematic information and the donors who fund biosystematic

The BIGW will:

* Alert governments, international organisations and donors to the present,
critical, biosystematic impediment to sustainable agricultural development
and the wise-use of biodiversity in developing countries, and will recommend
action to solve the problem.
* Review BioNET-INTERNATIONAL's current role and achievements, its
objectives, scope and progress, and devise operational and financial
strategies for its further development.
* Review and inventory the needs of developing country LOOPs and the
resources on offer to them through developed country LOOPs (BIOCON), and
devise costed work programmes and structures for donor-funding to deliver
resources and satisfy needs.

For more information on BioNET-INTERNATIONAL or on BIGW, 1995 please write
to us at the address above or send an E.Mail message with your postal
address to CABI- BioNET at CABI.ORG.

Yours sincerely

Dr Mark Cook
on behalf of Professor Tecwyn Jones, Director BioNET-INTERNATIONAL Technical

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