Harmonia axyridis in Illinois!!

Doug Yanega dyanega at DENR1.IGIS.UIUC.EDU
Wed Oct 19 15:31:56 CDT 1994

Hey, all you imported Coccinellid-watchers! At this very moment, the side
of the Illinois Natural History Survey is *covered* with thousands of
Harmonia axyridis (Asian Ladybug) - and to my knowledge, this is a new
state record. Anyone care to bet with me that these have been blown up here
from Louisiana or thereabouts, with those major storms in progress? Quite a
surprise to see them suddenly in such numbers, it *must* be some freak
weather-related thing. Any ideas?

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        is the true method" - Herman Melville, Moby Dick, Chap. 82

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