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I believe the text just handed to me by Norton Miller, Biological Survey,
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  The Generic Flora of the Southeastern United States is a series of
original taxonomic investigations of genera belonging to the 193
families of native and naturalized seed plants of an area including
North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama,
Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana.  However, the published
results of the project are useful in a much wider area, in fact
throughout the world.

  Included in each of the published installments is a description of
the family and genus or genera treated, narrative summaries
describing the biology of species in each genus (with emphasis on
taxonomically significant characteristics), a key to genera when
there are two or more per family, and annotated bibliographies of
important literature sources about the family and for each genus.
The literature cited has been selected to document research already
completed and as a guide to future studies.  Original line drawings
illustrating features of biological significance are included for many
of the genera.  Because original observations are described, each
treatment stands as an important primary, as well as a secondary,
source of information, and also as an assessment of the state of
knowledge about the families and genera that occur in the
southeastern United States.

  The aim has been to clarify the scope and limits of the genera as
viewed from a world perspective.  Whenever possible, generic
limits are considered from a phylogenetic perspective, resulting in
the circumscription of monophyletic groups.  Many new facts are
discovered about the systematics of the families, genera, and species
during the research, and the treatments are a source of comparative
data used in phylogenetic and other botanical studies.  These papers
serve in the United States and elsewhere as starting points for
further taxonomic and related studies of plants.  They are also
widely used in teaching.

  Project leaders: N. G. Miller, Biological Survey, New York State
Museum, Albany, NY 12230, nmiller at; W. S.
Judd, Department of Botany, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
32611; lyonia at; and C. E. Wood, Jr., Arnold
Arboretum, Harvard University, 22 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138.

  Comments and questions should be directed to: nmiller at

  The following files are now available on the New York State
Library Gopher Server.  While the files are not presently
searchable, plans call for the installation of WAIS software on this
Server during December 1994.

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              Generic Flora of the Southeastern United States

Files Available:
Generic Flora of the Southeastern U.S. - README (background information)
Generic Flora of the Southeastern U.S. - Authors of Plant Names
Generic Flora of the Southeastern U.S. - Journal Abbreviations Cited
Generic Flora of the Southeastern U.S. - Authors/Titles of Papers
Generic Flora of the Southeastern U.S. - Index-Families Published
Generic Flora of the Southeastern U.S. - Chronological List of Papers
Generic Flora of the Southeastern U.S. - Index-Genera Treated & Illus.

  The files, however, are available for downloading via anonymous
FTP from the NYS Library FTP Site (  The files are
located within the pub directory.

Files Available:
gfseus.readme (text file) 3.9K-bytes [background information]
gfseusja.wp5 (WordPerfect 5.1 format) 395.7K-bytes [Journal Abbreviations
gfseuspn.wp5 (WordPerfect 5.1 format) 214.4K-bytes [Authors of Plant Names
gfseusat.wp5 (WordPerfect 5.1 format) 24.7K-bytes [Authors and Titles of
    Papers Published]
gfseusfa.wp5 (WordPerfect 5.1 format) 17.4K-bytes [Index to Families
gfseusch.wp5 (WordPerfect 5.1 format) 12.7K-bytes [Chronological List of
    Papers Published]
gfseusgi.wp5 (WordPerfect 5.1 format) 34.6K-bytes [Index to Genera Treated
    and Illustrationed]

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