Dipteros del Chiribiquete

Doug Yanega dyanega at DENR1.IGIS.UIUC.EDU
Mon Oct 17 16:10:01 CDT 1994

>To all dipterologists who replied to the request of F. Martin Piera t=
>o identify
>insects of S=AA del Ciribiquete (Colombia):
[text deleted]
>no separation of families of Diptera has been made. Therefore, I cann=
>ot be sure
>if the families requested by all of you have been collected.
>Does somebody want to undertake this task?
>I suggest another solution: Everybody could separate the fraction (fa=
>mily or
>families) of your own interest, and return to me the remaining Dipter=
>a. I turn
>again to send the insects to the next specialists and so on.
>Please, let me known all your opinion

I'm not involved in this, so you'll pardon me if I kibitz, but I would
think that - logistically - it would be better if the first person to
remove flies sent the remainder on to the next person, and so on, rather
than shipping them back and forth to Spain (I presume, from the taxa
listed, that some of the persons involved are in the USA). Send them around
to the European workers first, then over to the US, and let them circulate
that way, to avoid international mailing as much as possible. I'd suspect
that if you specified the sequence of shipping (from A to B to C...) in
advance, that all would agree. A lot easier and faster if there's some

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